Tkachyk v. Travelers Home & Marine Insurance Company, et al.
Tkachyk v. Travelers Insurance Settlement
Case No. 16-cv-00028-DLC

Settlement Benefit Summary

Each Settlement Class Member shall automatically participate, pro rata in the net settlement fund in proportion to .30 of the amount shown above that Travelers subrogated as to that individual’s claim, as described in Section VI of the Settlement Agreement.  However, if you believe you had uncompensated losses that exceed 30% of the subrogation amount, you were able to submit a claim demonstrating such losses, and, if such a Claim Form was therefore submitted by you, there will be a claim adjustment process pursuant to which your recovery participation will be based on either more or less than .30 of the amount Travelers subrogated as to your claim.  In order to potentially qualify for payment as a member of the Settlement Class under the latter method, you must have submitted a fully completed and signed Claim Form.  The deadline to submit a Claim Form has passed.

The amount of subrogation involved in your claim is listed in the Notice that was mailed to you, in Question 4A.

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